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A Full Review Of The Second In Command Movie

Set in turmoil infested Moldovia; a photographer captures the anti American sentiments outside the hotel where he stays in the Second in Command movie. As a response to the unrest, the U.S. embassy sends a military attaché to Moldovia. Guess who is the military attaché known as Commander Samuel ‘Sam’ Keenan? It is none other than the infamous martial arts expert cum actor; Jean Claude Van Damme a.k.a. JCVD. In the movie, he plays a U.S. Navy Seal & what have you extraordinaire; basically a very tough character (as usual) in the Second in Command movie, bursting into action to save the day. Oh Gosh! It seems like I may have already told you the whole story!

Commander Samuel (Jean Claude Van Damme) meets with his female journalist lover, Michelle Whitman (Julie Cox) in a hotel where the chaos began to unfold. A gunman walks into the hotel & shoots a journalist at point blank & other people too. Nonetheless, Michelle is unfazed & stubbornly insists that she continues to stay at the hotel. The hero goes off to the US embassy & tells her that he shall come back for her. Well, in my opinion he should have just dragged her to the embassy in the first place & pick up her things in the future. However, it is not how the story goes in the Second in Command movie.

Now Commander Samuel (Jean Claude Van Damme) & his compatriots in the embassy have to wait four hours until the Moldovian government’s army arrives to the embassy. Additionally, the Marines evacuation & helicopter support unit based in Croatia was sent to the U.S. Embassy in Moldovia. However, the CIA agent in the embassy suggests for immediate evacuation & the notion is supported by everybody except for Commander Samuel. The evacuation plan fell into a trap & a bus load of innocent civilians were blown up in the Second in Command movie. Michelle (Julie Cox) is in a predicament as she realized a bug planted by the Moldovian militia was found on her clothes which lead to the death of the civilians.

In a final stand off against the Moldovian militia, now supported by rebellious Moldovian government troops, the remaining U.S. Marines, one of them played by Razaaq Adoti (he cp-starred in Resident Evil: Apocalypse), in the U.S. embassy, fight to the very end. The Moldovian militia is portrayed as imbeciles when their APC (armored personnel carriers) try to stand up against two American military attack helicopters. Michelle (Julie Cox) always manages to be in the wrong place & Samuel goes to find his lady again. After he had helped save the day, she is smiling sheepishly as though nothing had happened in the Second in Command movie or it was like it was only an end of a roller coaster ride for her. The lady looks like an animal in heat & could not stop staring at Commander Samuel (Jean Claude Van Damme) who inevitably, receives the usual ego boost of victory.